I initially made this for a game jam on the Idle Thumbs forums, and used it as a way of learning the basics of UE4 and Blender modelling. The game I submitted for the jam was completely unfinished, though, and didn't have much in the way of gameplay! Other notable absences were sound effects or music of any kind, a title screen, and functionality for about half of the buttons. I revisited the game for EGX Rezzed 2016, where I exhibited it in the Leftfield Collection, and basically spent a month fleshing it out. Watching people play the game gave me lots of useful feedback and ideas, and I did plan on getting the game ready for Steam Greenlight, but eventually I decided that it would require just too much work, and that I'd prefer to funnel that effort into a new project.

Dot Gobbler

My second Wizard Jam game, made for Wizard Jam 2016, I was much more happy with the progress I made on this. I was able to work on it full-time, so that helped, and I got help from 5 of 6 for the music. The game is a remake of a C64 Pac-Man knock-off of the same name; I initially had plans to make an isometric adventure game using the character, but scaled back to just a Pac-Man clone when I realised there was no way I'd have time for that!

Business Guys on Planes

Made for Wizard Jam 4, Business Guys on Planes was an unsuccessful attempt to make something smaller-scale. It sort of turned into a big open-world area to fly around in, and building a huge environment was really time-consuming. Still not finished!

During 2015 and a 2016, I was one half of TriCat Games, which was a full-time indie project. Check out our games page to see what we made!