Business Guys on Planes

I'm a little late with this post (And still annoyed that I never bothered posting about my previous Wizard Jam game, Dot Gobbler), but here's a game I made for Wizard Jam 4:

Download Business Guys on Planes on!

It's pretty unfinished at the moment; I missed the jam deadline because I was out of the country for the last five days of it, and I failed to upload a build before I left. What's there at the moment is largely the result of a week or so of cramming when I got back, and there's still a lot of stuff I didn't get in. I just figured I should get something up, so I got the essentials in there and pushed it out.

I'll be working on adding more to it over the next couple of weeks, in time for Idle Thumbs streaming all of this Wizard Jam's games towards the end of January, so hopefully I'll post again about what I added, and about the general process of making the game.