Childhood Game Design - Part 1

I was obsessed with video games from a very early age. From the time I first played Spiderman on an Atari 2600, or spent several days coaxing a handful of Dragon 32 cassettes to load on the machine that my dad had borrowed from a workmate (I can't quite remember which came first), what fascinated me about the medium was its potential to deliver wildly varied experiences. I would pore over magazines and game catalogues, looking at screenshots and cover art and wondering what those games would be like. I also also used to draw a lot, in school notebooks and on whatever pieces of paper I could get my hands on, so naturally I ended up drawing games that I'd made up. On a recent trip home, I dug around in my mum's attic for as many of these drawings as I could find, with the intention of posting them and describing them to the best of my memory.

I found a large number of drawings, so I'm going to have to spread them across multiple posts. In this one I'm going to focus on what I assume are some of the earliest drawings, dating back to about 1988, when I would have been 7-8. Click on the drawings to view them at full size!