Childhood Game Design - Part 2

As well as drawing made-up games as a child, I also drew a lot of toys and action figures that I'd invented. Usually they were new ideas for existing ranges of toys, like Transformers or M.A.S.K., but occasionally I'd make up my own line of figures. These included Catomeets (humanoid cats that each came with a building or a piece of scenery so you could build a whole town), Seaons (humanoid sea creatures with weapons) and Mosstors (seemingly just moss-textured action figures). I have a vivid recollection of telling my dad that I wanted to be an inventor of toys when I grew up, and him saying something along the lines of, "I don't think that's a real job. You should be a scientist instead." My response to this was, "Okay, I'll be a scientist."

Anyway, in addition to the toy lines, I also invented a new computer for Atari, called the Atari 770XAX, which is where I'm going to pick up in this post. All of these drawings are still pretty early, and there's probably some crossover between this and the previous post, because the chronology isn't completely clear in my head, but I think in general they were drawn slightly later. Say, 1989-1990. As before, click on the images to enlarge them!