Childhood Game Design - Part 3

As well as finding a large collection of games that I'd drawn, I also found a number of drawings of games by a few other people. The majority of them were made by my sister, and it's interesting to see how her perspective differs from mine, as someone who had less exposure to the kind of games I played. Certainly none of them involve shooting or spaceships. There's another page of drawings that I think is mostly by me, but which also features a drawing by Maria, the daughter of a friend of the family who was several years younger than me. I don't think the drawing was meant to represent a game, but I feel like I added to it in order to make it look like one. My memory is really fuzzy on this, though.

Finally, there are three drawings by a boy I went to school with by the name of Andrew. I'm not sure of the circumstances which lead to him drawing them and giving them to me, but I know he hadn't really played any video games. Perhaps I approached him and asked if he played games, or maybe he'd heard me talking to someone else. At any rate, his drawings show a much better grasp of perspective than mine, and I was always impressed by them.

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